Zealots creates Life in Kalundborg

Many newcomers have arrived in Kalundborg during the last years and as new companies and educations settle here, more citizens will move to the municipality. Therefore, some of the companies have established an activity- and event fund ”Life in Kalundborg”. The purpose of the fund is to arrange events that will help newcomers getting integrated in the time after work. We want to give people a reason for moving to Kalundborg and to make them stay here.

Goals, idea basis and objectives

This fund is to support and contribute to activities by local and international employees or students, that are considering settling in Kalundborg, or have chosen to settle in the Kalundborg municipality.

Activities supported by this fond are part of Kalundborg City’s ambition of becoming a hub for further education and a place that provides great educational and employment possibilities.

Activities supported by this fund are aimed at attracting, receiving, and integrating these employees and students, in a manner that ensures that, such persons not only thrive at their respective places of work, but also during their times of leisure. Activities funded by this fund, should aim to make these employees and students feel at home here in the municipality, in order to encourage them to move to, or settle in the municipality. Thereby creating favorable conditions for businesses resident in Kalundborg municipality to attract skilled workers.
The fund’s goal is also to ensure sustainable solutions for the local area which is why the fund is locally anchored.

Eligible activities and events

Priority would be given to unique and new activities:

  • That brings people together in the fields of culture, sports and leisure activities
  • That take place outside normal working hours – as a general rule
  • That contribute or relate to youth culture


Only applications which satisfy the aims and objectives of the fund would be considered, including the following:

  • Applicants can include fees for guest speakers, but this must not include fees for the applicant’s own employees or members/stakeholders
  • Applicants can apply for funds for the acquisition of lasting equipment such as a Kajak, a bicycle and so forth

It should be clearly visible on all marketing materials that Life in Kalundborg supports the event and typically there would be a requirement that a symbol or the flag of Life in Kalundborg should be present and visible at the event

Please note that application forms should be filled and returned before the closing date for such applications.
Download the application form here
Download the budget form here

Who can apply?

Organizations and associations. However, persons who are interested and are capable of organizing such activities or events can also apply.

When can you apply?

Currently the period in which you can apply to the fund is open. Applications are assessed on a regular basis and applicants are notified soon after.

How much can you apply for?

Applicants may apply for funds of between 5000 DKK, and up to 50,000 DKK, – pr activity or event. However, it is permissible for an activity to stretch over a certain period involving a series of activities.

When should such an activity or event take place?

The activity or event must take place not later than six months after the funds requested for the activity have been granted. However, under exceptional circumstances, a separate agreement can be made with the steering committee. A separate agreement can only be approved if the date for the activity or event is fixed and cannot be changed.


An application must contain the reasons for the application, a detailed description of the activity or event and a detailed budget estimate. The application must also contain details of the organizers (association, private individuals, etc.) including the contact details of such persons. If funds for the activity or event are granted, it would be required that the activity or event is promoted or advertised broadly – both in Danish and English – in the local community and in relevant media.

Marketing of activity

The activity shall be marketed through Kultunaut.dk (free) and preferably also through Facebook among others, “Ny i Kalundborg”, TV Kalundborg, Wonderful Kalundborg, local media and promotion boards placed along roads leading to the city. Adverts must be sent to infospots@kalundborg.dk in a timely manner.
Link to the format for using the screen in Havneparken
Link to the format for using the smaller screens in Kalundborg and Høng
Please note that the forms are in Power Point but the final adverts should be sent in JPG format.

Pictures from earlier events
Beach Volley i Havneparken

Beach Volley in Havneparken

An outdoor concert

SUP Boards ved Sejlklubben

Fun in the water

Payment/release of funds

Payment would be made not later than three weeks after the event has taken place, as longs as receipts for expenses made, as stated in the budget have been sent.

In addition, it is required to attach a short assessment of the event, a minimum of two photos from the event, documentation that the activity or event has been marketed and completed.

Please be aware that the fund would only cover expenses in strict accordance with the expenses stated in the application. Expenses not stated in the application would therefore not be covered by the fund.

Assessment forms would be made available when the application for funds has been approved. Payment on account can also be made available if an agreement is made with the steering committee.

The organization of the fund

Funds for the fund are provided by Novo Nordisk, Kalundborg Refinery, National Oilwell Varco, The Fund for Johs. Rasmussen Svebølle A/S and Kalundborg Municipality.

The steering committee for Life in Kalundborg is made up of representatives from Kalundborg Municipality, Novo Nordisk, Kalundborg Refinery, and Kalundborg Business Council. The steering committee grants the funds and acts as ambassadors and follow the activities.
Kalundborg Business Council manages the fund for the steering committee. As such it is Kalundborg Business Council, that processes applications, and organizes steering committee meetings.

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